No time wasted: Owner shares how his Telluride Pacaso is his family’s ideal second home

Published Date: January 17, 2023

Family in Telluride
Tim and his family had been dreaming about buying a second home out West so they could ski, relax and enjoy each other’s company. However, concerns about maintenance, management and the amount of time they could spend there held the Charleston, South Carolina, family back.“I didn’t really want to deal with a house almost across the country,” Tim shared. “We’ve done a decent amount of vacation rentals. It just takes a lot of time to find the right house, and you also never know what you’re going to get.” So Pacaso’s fully managed co-ownership seemed like the perfect option for his family — and they now own the perfect second home in Telluride, Colorado. 

Value for the time spent (and the time not spent)

For Tim, it was important that his family’s second home made sense financially — which had been an issue when he owned a whole vacation home. “We had a vacation house that we would go to maybe six weeks a year,” Tim shared. “You have that guilt factor of just paying bills, and it feels like you’re throwing money away.”With Pacaso’s co-ownership model, Tim finds that he gets more value from having different buyers come together to own a second home. “With the co-ownership model, it’s much more efficient. The house is used when you’re not there. You don’t have all the negatives that come with having a vacation house. The house is better maintained, and the people staying there have an incentive to respect the house because they all have a vested interest in it.”For Tim, these reasons make Pacaso a more logical purchase. “I would much rather just pay the money initially towards Pacaso for the value you’re getting from it,” Tim explained. “The house we have is bigger, and it’s just more fun since we tend to travel with other families and friends.” With Pacaso caring for the property, more time is freed up for Tim’s family to get the most from their second home.

The luxury and ease of Pacaso co-ownership

In addition to having a bigger and more manageable space, Tim and his family appreciate the amenities inside their home. “It is incredible — we are impressed with the quality of the linens, the toiletries and everything,” said Tim. “I think that when somebody buys a Pacaso, they know what they’re getting into. And there’s a certain level of luxury that they’re expecting.”While Tim knows he might not always get the exact days he wants, he finds the scheduling process to be straightforward. “As long as you have a somewhat flexible schedule, I think that you can get more than enough use out of it,” Tim shared. “You just go on the app and put in your dates. There are also very good rules in place to make it fair for everybody. So we’ve been able to get dates when we’ve wanted.” This flexibility can benefit both advanced planners and those who plan more casually, like Tim and his family.

New meaning to ‘same old, same old’

Owning a second home in Telluride gives Tim and his family the chance to explore Mountain Village, embark on ski adventures and create more traditions. “It gives us the consistency that we want, in terms of being able to use a place, know exactly what we’re going to get and be able to keep some stuff there,” Tim said. “We don’t have to waste time looking for rentals and have another project to manage.”This kind of consistency is essential for Tim and his family. “It’s nice to travel to a lot of different places, but it’s also nice to have consistency on certain things — especially when you travel with kids,” said Tim, who has three children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. “It’s nice to show up, know exactly which restaurants are nearby and just have that consistency without having to figure out new things each time. Knowing what you’re getting into is a huge benefit for us.”

Look forward to Telluride

Looking for a place to make memories in Telluride? When you co-own a Pacaso, you enjoy hassle-free ownership in a beautiful property that feels like home — because it is. Check out our co-ownership listings in Telluride and other desirable destinations.
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