‘The stress melts away’: Family finds comfort and ease in Napa Pacaso

Published Date: January 6, 2023

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For Susan and Jason, Napa Valley had long felt like a home away from home. They live less than two hours away in Burlingame, and wine is Jason’s business — in fact, he owns a wine bar, and frequent trips to Napa and Sonoma Valley are part of the job. But wine country means more than that to the family, said Susan. “Jason is in the wine industry, so Napa is important for that reason, but we also love the community and the change in pace of life it brings while we’re there, so it has a lot of sentimental value for us.”

From ‘maybe someday’ to ‘let’s do it!’

They had thought about a second home in Napa, but the idea never went anywhere. “We’d been considering it for years, but the most we ever did was look online, and we always had the same conversation,” said Susan. “It seemed like a lot of upkeep and maintenance considering our busy jobs and lives. How often are we going to use it? Is it worth it? And then this home showed up online and we realized it was partial ownership and we thought that seemed ideal.”Although they hadn’t heard of Pacaso, they understood the concept. “We have friends in Tahoe who own a fractional property, so we were familiar with the idea. Jason was able to tour in person and took me along via FaceTime. We decided that night, and it wasn’t a hard decision! We loved the property and it seemed like a minimal risk for what we would get out of it.” What they would get was space, true ownership in a home, and an opportunity to put down roots in an area they loved. “When you have a family and go on vacation, you end up cramming four people in a hotel or paying for a suite or multiple rooms each time,” said Susan. “That’s not nearly as appealing as having space for not just family, but also friends, and being able to own it and sell it — those were all the things our friends loved about their Tahoe place, which, in part, is what convinced us to move forward with Pacaso.” 

A short drive, a world away

Getting out of the city and having a place to relax, with minimal effort, is a dream come true, said Susan. “Being able to just pack up and be there in under two hours is wonderful. You just feel the stress melt away as you get closer to the house.” Susan and Jason’s Pacaso is situated on an acre and a half in a neighborhood they described as almost farmlike. “It’s close to downtown but you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. The kids love to walk down the drive and feed the goats across the street. We live in a city, so having all this space, a pool, playing bocce ball, making s’mores — it’s great, and the kids don’t want to leave.”In addition to making friends with the neighborhood goats, the family looks forward to developing closer connections within the community of Napa, a place they’ve been fond of for years. Jason said, “With a second home, you get to be a part of the community, and when you’re just on vacation, you don’t have that same experience.” 

Comfort and ease

Leisurely days spent by the pool or exploring local parks are possible in part because Susan and Jason don’t have to invest time and energy in the home itself. “The house is very thoughtfully appointed, and the fact that we don’t have to worry about the maintenance is even better,” said Jason. “From our first stay, it immediately felt very comfortable, and there was clearly a lot of thought put into the way the home was stocked from appliances to glassware and bedding. The personal touches like games are really nice too.” Susan added, “There’s a lot less screen time when we’re there because there’s so much other stuff to do, like playing family games.”The themes of home, ownership and ease have been core to Susan and Jason’s Pacaso experience. For Susan, that’s reflected in how their second home functions as a convenient gathering place: “One of the things I love about our Pacaso is having easy access to a beautiful home, that feels like home, where we can come together with friends and family.” And for Jason, the consistency you can expect from a home you own offers peace of mind — especially when you don’t have to deal with the hassles yourself. “There’s a comfort level in going back to the same place — you know where everything is, you know how to work the TV and the pool and set everything up the way you want it. But we’re not responsible — it’s the actual joys of homeownership.” 

Make Napa your second home destination

Pacaso puts second home ownership within reach for families, with listings in some of the most desirable destinations. And our Family-Friendly Second Homes™ make it easy to just show up and relax — from cribs and high chairs, to games, pool floaties, streaming services and more, we have you (and your kids) covered. Check out our co-ownership listings in Napa Valley, and find your dream home today. 
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