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Get the most out of your second home. Pacaso’s SmartStay™ system makes scheduling easy and equitable for every owner. When you own a Pacaso, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy your home during the times that matter to you.
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    Our SmartStay technology is designed to account for seasonality and local events in each region, and it adapts to owner preferences over time. 

  • Easy, equitable scheduling with Pacaso


    Every owner has equitable access to their home throughout the year, with multiple opportunities to book holiday and peak season stays.

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    See available dates and book stays in real time, from 2 days to 2 years in advance. View and modify booked stays easily.

  • Time in your home

    What you get for your share

    1/8 Share1/4 Share1/2 Share
    Advance stays61224
    Short-notice staysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Max stay length14 nights28 nights42 nights

    On average, owners enjoy 6-7 stays at their home per year, depending on their personal travel preferences. Ultimately, you decide what dates are most important to you, and your usage may vary from year to year.

    As an owner of a 1/8 share, you will have access to 1/8 of the total time available, and you can hold up to 6 stays at a time. Booked stays can be easily modified if your plans change. Once your next stay is within 30 days, it no longer counts toward your bookings, and you can schedule another stay.

    Fair booking, year-round

    Sun & Ski Guarantee

    No need to worry about losing out on the best dates. Our Sun & Ski Guarantee™ ensures all owners have access to their homes during peak seasons, the most desirable and highest-demand times of year. Create lasting memories during the times that matter to you most, year after year.

    How peak seasons work
    • Peak season stays count toward your advance stays. 
    • Owners of 1/8 share have the option to book two separate stays (up to 7 nights) or one continuous stay (up to 14 nights) across two booking windows.
    • You can secure a stay when the peak calendar opens up, then add more dates later on. Staggered booking windows ensure every owner can book multiple stays at their leisure without having to plan their trips far in advance.

    (Second) home for the holidays

    You’re guaranteed the option to book one “special date” at a time per share — these include major federal holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and local travel-worthy events, customized for each home. Within 30 days of your special date stay, you have the opportunity to book a new special date. Our 24-month calendar prevents any one owner from locking in the same holiday year after year, so you always have an opportunity to get the date that’s most important to you.

    How special dates work
    • Special dates are included in your advance stays and require a 3-night minimum stay. 
    • Every owner has an opportunity to book one special date at a time per share.
    • If a special date is 30 days away and hasn’t been booked, you are free to book it, even if you have other special dates on the calendar.  

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    SmartStay scheduling basics

    Smart, fair and flexible – at your fingertips. See SmartStay in action, in the Pacaso app.

    Flexible booking

    Sometimes, plans change. Here’s what you need to know about changing your stay or booking consecutive stays.

    • Pacaso icon to edit your stay.

      Modifying an existing stay:

      If you would like to change the dates of a stay you’ve booked and the dates are available, you can modify your stay in the Pacaso app. If a stay is within 48 hours of arrival, your Pacaso Home Manager can adjust your stay duration.

    • Symbol for back to back stays in the Pacaso owner app.

      Back-to-back stays:

      To ensure ongoing access for all owners, the period between your arrival date and your prior departure must be equal to or greater than the number of nights of your last stay.

    • Pacaso owners can cancel a scheduled stay via the Owner app.

      Canceling a stay:

      We want to maximize the amount of dates available for booking, so last-minute cancellations are discouraged. Up to 31 days prior to arrival, you can cancel your stay without concern.

      Cancellations made less than 30 days before your arrival are allowed twice over a 12-month rolling period, with additional late cancellations resulting in penalties. All cancellations trigger a notification to the other owners alerting them to the newly available dates.

    Ownership demo

    Get the owner experience

    Book a sample stay, view billing statements and more — just like an owner — using our Ownership Demo in the Pacaso app. Plus, you can browse and save your favorite listings.

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