How Pacaso compares to a luxury vacation rental (and other short-term options)

Published Date: February 22, 2023

Interior of a luxury second home in Malibu
Getting to your vacation destination is only part of the journey. When it comes to traveling with family and friends, you have a few options for accommodations: a hotel, a short-term vacation rental or a whole second home. Those looking for a more “home-like experience” often opt for a luxury vacation rental, as it provides a premium short-term stay without the commitment of owning a second home.For a smart way to spend time away, however, consider co-owning a Pacaso second home. Here are a few of the reasons owning a Pacaso is the smarter alternative to a vacation rental.

The cost of luxury vacation rentals

Vacation rental services like Airbnb, VRBO and Vacasa offer travelers an alternative to hotels. You’ll need to dedicate time to research the best vacation rental for your getaway needs. For a more high-end experience, you have options like Airbnb Luxe and a luxury vacation home, where nightly rates can range from a low of $2,000 to as high as $200,000.If you want to make better use of your money, Pacaso might be for you.

Pacaso vs. vacation rental 

With Pacaso, you co-own a luxury second home where you can create memories today and build possible equity for tomorrow. This is how Pacaso differs from a short-term vacation rental.
PacasoVacation rental
TypeReal estate co-ownership with personal vacation usage Short-term or one-off usage
EquityYour money goes toward home equityYour money goes towards someone’s mortgage
HomeLuxury single-family home with the same amenities and furnishingsSingle-family home; amenities vary
ExperienceConsistent; professionally managedVaries based on host
PlanningEasy schedulingResearch/time required
Owning a Pacaso instead of booking a rental is similar to owning a home instead of renting an apartment. Rather than paying someone else’s mortgage, you’re investing in a home where you’ll make lifelong memories. You can easily book stays in a familiar home  in a destination you love, all while reaping the benefits of home ownership. 

Why Pacaso is smarter than a vacation rental

You might be asking: Is now a good time to buy real estate? Real estate has proven to be more resilient than the stock market during times of economic uncertainty. Demand for luxury second homes continues to exceed pre-pandemic levels, and prices continue to hold their value despite changing macroeconomic conditions, making real estate a smart decision for travel and a stable long-term purchase.And if you're not crazy about being responsible for a whole property but still want to own a luxury vacation home, Pacaso’s fully managed co-ownership model is ideal. You choose the amount of ownership that’s right for you at a fraction of the cost. Plus, Pacaso takes it up a notch with unique benefits:

1. Pacaso delivers a consistent experience

While short-term rentals are varied, you can expect your Pacaso to be fully appointed, expertly designed and professionally maintained — every time you return. Each Pacaso is extensively revamped with modern furnishings, striking artwork and unique accents. Plus, you’ll find all the necessities and amenities to spend quality time in your home, from a kitchen fully stocked with premium flatware and appliances to smart TVs and streaming services. 

2. You have a dedicated home manager

Another Pacaso perk is that you own the home, and we manage everything. Your home is taken care of by a property manager dedicated to delivering a high-quality, owner experience, including responsive service, home maintenance and local recommendations. You enjoy a second home without the hassles and stress of managing one. Pacaso property managers are also known for going the extra mile for owners. Here’s what some Pacaso owners have to say:

"It's not like you just buy the home, and then you're left on your own. Lindsey, our home manager, has been awesome. She's definitely a big benefit to this whole process."

Ron and Vince

"Our home manager was amazing. She came out to meet us in person, and she even left us a bottle of wine and a few drinks in the fridge. Our home manager helps remind us that we're not renting. This is our place, and we own it."

Renee and Steve

"We were making dinner for friends, and a fuse went out. Pacaso sent someone over and fixed it — and it was a Sunday. I don't have to worry about finding a local person to fix issues in the home."


"The first thing that really stuck out to me was our property manager … she made it very clear it's our home. She makes sure everything’s perfect and ready for us when we get there. We literally hit the ground running."

Doug and Gary

3. Your home is never rented out

As a Pacaso owner, you enjoy all the rewards of home ownership. Your Pacaso is a real estate asset that will move in line with the whole home market. You can build equity and enjoy the home for personal use, and if you decide to sell your second home, Pacaso has an established marketplace of interested buyers.

4. No renters are allowed in your home

As a co-owned home, each Pacaso is reserved for use only by owners and their guests. Pacaso vets owners, who agree to a code of conduct to ensure they treat the home as their own — because it is! As an owner, you have peace of mind knowing your home receives care and respect from other owners and that it will never be used as someone else’s short-term rental. Plus, you won’t feel like you’re “sharing” your home. Pacaso thoroughly inspects and cleans your home before each stay, so your home is pristine when you arrive.

5. You spend less time planning

Because you own, you spend your time enjoying your second home, not searching for a rental. And with SmartStay scheduling on your owner app, you easily book stays in your home from two days to two years in advance. Pacaso offers turnkey high-end second homes in 40 world-class destinations with luxury service and ownership perks, so all you have to do to show up to your vacation and relax.

Co-ownership done right

On top of being a smarter choice than vacation rentals, Pacaso is the leading global brand in co-ownership. With a $1 billion real estate portfolio, high customer satisfaction scores and over 1,000 Pacaso homes sold, Pacaso is well positioned to deliver on service, value, satisfaction and trust for years to come.

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