9 luxury interior design principles to apply to every room [+ mood boards]

Published Date: January 20, 2023

An image depicts the kitchen of a home that has incorporated a number of luxury interior design principles.
What’s more exciting than finally finding your dream vacation home? Making it luxurious, of course.The good news is that luxury is subjective, so making a home feel like the most opulent escape means decorating it to your taste. Still, you can take cues from some luxury interior design principles to transcend your space. With help from our interior design team, we’ve pared those luxury interior design principles down to nine areas to pay attention to, and, for good measure, created some mood boards to inspire every room in your home. Now, let’s dive into that life of luxury that’s so you.

What is luxury interior design?

Luxury interior design is considered a more decadent form of interior design, be it through fine art, high-end furniture or hyper-functional layouts. But it’s also subjective, since everyone experiences luxury a little differently. 

“Design styles can range dramatically. To achieve luxury design in all homes — no matter the style — one must balance a space using a range of materials and also make sure all items are scaled correctly.”

— Pacaso interior design teamAll this is to say that luxury interior design aesthetics can vary, but core principles of luxury design remain the same.
Design tip
Above all, luxury interior design should feel timeless to the homeowner, with each furnishing intentionally selected and placed.

What are the principles of luxury design? 

An image lists nine luxury interior design principles that home owners can use to decorate their home.
There are interior design principles, and then there are luxury interior design principles. There are nine of the latter, including:Without further ado, let’s dive into each. Remember that all of these luxury interior design elements can be tailored to your specific style and taste.

1. Sustainable materials  

Believe it or not, a luxury home interior doesn’t only impact a room’s aesthetics. It can impact the environment, too.Salvaged wood ceiling beams, reclaimed stained glass in a front door, and cork lampshades just scratch the surface of a few sustainable materials you can use in a luxury home — and feel good doing it.

2. Prioritized comfort

Luxurious interiors don’t need to be so decadent that you can’t interact with them. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A luxurious home prioritizes comfort above all.For example, ditch your upright guest seating for a classic chaise lounge, or turn an office corner into a tranquil meditation space complete with floor cushions and a yoga mat.

3. Functionality

Contrary to popular belief, a spacious home doesn’t necessarily mean luxury. Instead, functionality should be at the forefront of any luxury interior design project to ensure seamless interactions with the space.

“While someone may have a particular design style, there are specific design standards that makes a space functional. TV heights, lighting heights, furniture spacing all matter when creating a functional space.”

— Pacaso interior design teamFor instance, every seat should have a tabletop nearby to place drinks, books or other items. Every sink needs a plush towel within arm’s reach. And a faucet installed above the stovetop can certainly streamline the cooking process.These simple but intentional placements make for a sophisticated approach to a room’s overall design.

4. Curated lighting

Lighting may be one of the most important design elements of any home because it affects how we see the rest of the interior design, like shining light on a piece of special artwork or a rare houseplant. Light fixtures can even be a piece of art in themselves. For example, if a room teems with natural light, opt for a more ornamental fixture (like a chandelier with fewer bulbs) that doubles as a statement piece or focal point in a room.

5. Various textures 

A variety of textures can bring depth to a room and make for a more well-rounded experience. Remember that sleek surfaces bring a modern mood to a space, while fluffy Moroccan rugs can achieve a sense of coziness. Pair them together in a luxury home’s interior and you have multiple sensory experiences.

6. Innovative color palettes 

Clean white walls are rarely considered the apex of luxury interior design. Ornate wallpaper and innovative color palettes, on the other hand, speak volumes of the restraint it takes to fill a space.Dark walls, for example, can bring a bit of drama and grandeur to a room. Mixing patterns and thematic color palettes can also create a customized version of luxury. Keep in mind that the colors you choose can also affect your mood. Bright yellows might be great for an area where you want to focus and be productive, while shades of blue are ideal for areas of relaxation. 

7. Primary (and secondary) focal points

A focal point guides your eyes across a room, often admiring the secondary focal points along the way. The idea here is that you don’t need to be overwhelmed with what to give attention to in a room — after all, that’s not a luxurious experience.Oftentimes, a room’s layout determines the focal point in the room, like a fireplace in the living room or an island in the kitchen. But you can create a brand-new point, too. Sculptures or other pieces of art are one such example.
Design tip
Every item in the room shouldn't be a showstopper. In order for the whole design to feel elevated and luxurious, it’s important that some items play a secondary role to the overall aesthetic of the design.

8. Consistent room designs

What could be more luxurious than living somewhere that feels totally personalized to your sense of style?Marrying your style across the entire home means ensuring you have a consistent flow of the same flooring, color palettes, hardware and art pieces in every room.

9. Indoor/outdoor living

Nature is known to soothe the soul, so inviting outdoor elements inside your home — and vice versa — is an excellent way to lead a life of luxury. Whenever possible, create a sense of indoor/outdoor living by capitalizing on the luxurious exterior views of your home. Let your floor-to-ceiling windows sparkle uninterrupted by skipping the window coverings. 

“With an increase in remote work and people spending more time in their homes, bringing the outside in is extremely important.”

— Pacaso interior design teamIf the views are lacking, bring the outdoors inside with a variety of plants and earth-toned design elements.

Luxury decor tips for every room

Now that you know the principles of luxury interior design, it’s time to apply them to every room in your home — or second home. Follow our luxury decor tips for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and office spaces below.

Luxury kitchen design

Luxury spaces with a high amount of foot traffic need to be as functional as they are beautiful. Depending on the layout and amenities in your kitchen, you might have one or two designated seating areas within your culinary space. Prioritize the comfort of these spaces where people will be relaxing while enjoying a meal. This means being intentional about the seating materials and mood lighting you use. Ditch the can lights for pendant lights that feature warm bulbs to transform kitchen island counter seating into a high-end bar. 
An image identifies the luxury interior design principles homeowners can apply to their kitchens. 

Luxury living room design

A luxury living room can be completely dedicated to lounging in maximum comfort or serve a dual purpose. Your living room can also function as a library, home theater or office space. 

“Depending on how you want your living room to function, you should first choose must-haves like a comfortable sectional or a commanding desk. Then add in more sculptural and decorative pieces to heighten the design. Allow your living spaces to function in the way you need them to.”

— Pacaso interior design teamDue to the dynamic nature of lounging spaces, this type of room is the perfect candidate for a focal point feature, like a custom coffee table or sculpture.
An image identifies the luxury interior design principles homeowners can apply to living rooms.

Luxury home office design

Luxury home office spaces should keep clutter to a minimum to facilitate productivity and an even greater sense of sleek style. Consider investing in ergonomic furniture and custom organizational systems to maximize your workflow and the functionality of the space. If your luxury home office is less about work and more about recreation, then make custom cabinetry showcasing your rare collectibles or hobby projects the focal point of this room.

“It’s important to make your home office feel more like a sanctuary — a place where you want to spend your time — rather than a sterile office setting.”

— Pacaso interior design team
An image identifies the luxury interior design principles homeowners can apply to home offices.

Luxury bedroom design

Luxury bedrooms are more than just a place to rest after a long day. Needless to say, comfort should be the priority of this space. However, luxury bedrooms can also benefit from other design principles like curated lighting and mixed textures. If you want to feature a glamorous dressing parlor within your luxury bedroom, for example, consider differentiating that area with wallpaper or a chic room divider. To further separate the two areas and create contrast, play with softer textures for your bedding and the surrounding space.
An image identifies the luxury interior design principles home owners can apply to bedrooms.

Luxury bathroom design

It’s entirely possible to turn a luxury bathroom into a zen spa oasis when you follow a few simple design tips. High-end finishings for faucets throughout your bathroom can create a sense of design consistency — especially when they also match the finishing touches of your kitchen and mudroom.Luxurious materials like wood and stone also help add an indoor/outdoor feel to your bathroom. Sustainably sourced water-resistant materials like teak are great choices for bath tables and shower benches.Transform your counter space into a timeless vanity by incorporating natural lighting and a personalized storage system for your skincare products. Invest in high-quality towels for a luxurious finishing touch to your daily hygiene routine.
An image identifies the luxury interior design principles home owners can apply to bathrooms.
Luxury interior design is all about what creature comforts are timeless to you. With these principles and mood boards in hand, you’re on the path to leading a life of luxury, no matter the size or location of your home or second home.

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