5 home design trends to look for in 2022

Published Date: January 13, 2023

Living space with modern design
A new year offers a new opportunity to refresh your home and rethink your style. To help you find ideas and inspiration, the Pacaso design team identified a few home design trends she expects will really take off in 2022. In 2021, interior design placed an emphasis on multi-functional spaces to accommodate working from home, and indoor/outdoor living for at-home entertaining. In 2022, people are looking to welcome more fun into their homes with unique materials and flare, while still creating comfortable and fluid spaces.Here are five trends to look for in 2022, and tips from Pacaso design experts to help you incorporate some of these styles into your primary or second home.

1. Sustainable design

Expect to see more emphasis on sustainable and biophilic design, which connects the home’s interior to the outdoor environment. Look for these design elements:
  • Upcycled and natural materials that are ethically sourced, such as bamboo furniture
  • Indoor/outdoor living
  • Innovative ways to bring the outdoors in, beyond just houseplants
  • Fewer window coverings, allowing for more natural light and a fluid connection to the outdoors  
Pacaso tip: Add natural elements to your space, like plants, wood and stone. Also, keep an eye out for retailers offering upcycled materials. If on a budget, IKEA offers many sustainable options!
Sustainably designed living room
Pacaso listing: Riviera — Santa Barbara, CA

2. Colorful accents and wallpaper flare

Many people are seeking simple ways to brighten their living spaces and add more color. Pops of color will be incorporated in various ways, such as:
  • Colored cabinets
  • Accent walls and doors
  • Distinctive wallpaper in uncommon places
Wallpaper has come a long way from the traditional florals and damask patterns you might have seen in older homes. In 2022, popular wallpaper options will include geometric designs and tropical patterns with elements like banana leaves or animals. And it won’t be limited to walls —  expect to see wallpaper inserts on kitchen cabinets and on ceilings. Pacaso tip: If you’d like to add more color to your home, but you’re not ready to commit to changing up your main living space, try adding colored cabinets or wallpaper inserts to a room that isn't as primary, like the laundry room or mudroom. Taking a risk in these areas can be fun and makes it easier to step outside your comfort zone! 
Vibrant bedroom with fun wallpaper
Pacaso listing: Las Olas — Fort Lauderdale, FL

3. Minimal yet layered design 

Less is often more when it comes to interior design. Simplifying designs and creating interest with thoughtful layers and textures will be as important as the colors you choose in 2022. Livable and comfortable spaces are what every design is striving for.
Layered living room design
Pacaso listing: Sycamore — Malibu, CA

4. Flowing curves 

Rounded furniture will replace styles with more defined lines, as the movement and softness of curves can make a space feel less rigid and more inviting. As a complement to open plan living spaces, curved furniture helps emphasize the flow of one room into the next. 
Living room with curved couches
Pacaso listing: Amber — Palm Springs, CA

5. Retro resurgence

Decor in 2022 will incorporate warm neutral tones and patterns reminiscent of past eras, but just like fashion, retro home design trends will borrow from their predecessors rather than simply duplicate them. You might see retro trends with a contemporary twist, such as shiny gold doorknobs.Pacaso tip: Pick a retro style you like, then look for the modern version. Velvet everything? Yes, please.
Living space with velvet chairs and gold knobs
Pacaso listing: Casa Del Sol — Palm Springs, CA

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