Family of 7 has room to relax and play at their oceanfront Pacaso in Malibu

Published Date: January 6, 2023

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Angela and Nkem had been thinking about buying a second home for a while. A place on the beach was their dream, and they’d considered several areas along the Southern California coast — a manageable drive from their home in Ventura County. Their family loves to travel, but it’s not always easy. “Having 5 kids close in age, it’s challenging to do big trips or find a hotel room with enough space to accommodate us. We were constantly looking for places where we could create a home-like environment,” said Angela.Not long after they started getting serious about their second home search, Angela came across an ad for Pacaso on Facebook. “We’d been looking at real estate and second homes, and the Pacaso concept was completely different. I showed it to my husband and we started to explore their offering.” They were impressed with what they found. “We looked at a bunch of different homes and narrowed it down to two locations,” said Nkem. “Then we started looking at homes in detail — it was important to understand the layouts and imagine all of us living in the space. When we saw a home right on the beach in Malibu, it fit all the parameters. Once we toured it in person, we could see it had everything we were looking for, and we made the decision to buy it later that day.”

Crunching the numbers

Among the key factors in choosing a Pacaso were cost, convenience and location. Beachfront property in Malibu comes with a big price tag, and the family knew they wouldn’t be using a second home enough to justify the cost of a whole home. “We did the math and realized the number of days we spend away from home throughout the year is really similar to what we would get from a one-eighth share,” said Nkem. “It made sense to buy something that gave us the amount of access we can use. When it comes to financial investments, our kids’ futures are our top priority. Pacaso was the perfect alternative to buying a whole home, because we could get what we wanted while still saving for college.”And convenience? Pacaso’s fully managed model was a big selling point. “All the things that Pacaso does are the things that I don’t want to do. I don't want to worry about upkeep — I want to spend time with my sons, my daughters, my wife,” said Nkem. “I don’t want to worry about trying to outfit the home. I just want to get there and enjoy our time together and watch the kids play. Pacaso allows us to do that.”  Angela added, “We have demanding careers, so Pacaso fits really well with our vision of how we want to spend our limited free time together.” 

Life’s a beach

As for location, a home on the beach with ocean views from every room is a dream come true. “Being able to say, ‘Let’s go to the beach’ and have that be a 20-second journey down the stairs is amazing,” said Nkem. Angela agreed, describing her ideal day at their Pacaso: “I look outside and see the kids playing and enjoying the ocean, and when they’re done, they can come right up and take warm showers. There’s no rush to clean up and pack and get all the sand off before getting in the car. We can just go about our day, living our lives without stress or schedules.”The kids are thrilled too. Their older daughter said, “We all love going to the beach, so getting a house right on the beach was perfect for us. I do beach volleyball tournaments right down the coast, so it’s great if we want to relax the day before we get there.” Her sister added, “We love to travel and create new experiences and memories that we can share. It’s important to have time to get away from the normal routine.” One of their sons chimed in with his favorite downtime activities at their Pacaso, which all the kids could get behind: “Sleeping in, watching TV, and eating pizza and sushi.” Most of all, Angela, Nkem and their kids are just happy to have found a beautiful place to spend quality time together. “I can’t wait to invite family and close friends,” said Nkem. “I look forward to making memories there, whether it’s birthdays, holidays or no special occasion at all. Just a change of scenery in a place that feels like home.”Meet Angela, Nkem and their kids, and hear what they love most about their Pacaso. 

Live the SoCal life with Pacaso 

When you become a co-owner of a Pacaso vacation home, you just arrive, unpack and relax. And our Family-Friendly Second Homes™ make it easy to just show up and have fun — from cribs and high chairs, to games, pool floaties, streaming services and more, we have you (and your kids) covered. Explore our current listings in Malibu and throughout Southern California  and find your own slice of paradise. 

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