Why wait 8 years? Family seizes opportunity to start living their second home dreams

Published Date: January 6, 2023

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Marcie and her husband Mike had talked about buying a second home, but they were primarily looking toward the future — finding a place where they could live full time after their daughter went to college. That was still eight years away, so it felt like a big commitment for the near term. “When we thought about buying a whole home, it seemed like a lot of money for a place you’re not going to use that much. We liked the idea of having a house in Napa or Sonoma Valley since that’s close to our primary residence, but given Bay Area prices, it didn’t make sense to spend that much and know the home would be vacant most of the time until we retire,” said Marcie.Still, they continued to browse homes online and had bookmarked a property in Napa that seemed ideal — great views, a pool, just 1.5 hours away. The home went off market, but then Marcie saw that it was available for co-ownership through Pacaso. It felt like a great opportunity to get into a second home without the heavy cost burden. 

Living their future dream in the present

Pacaso’s lower price point and right-sized ownership model made it possible for Marcie, Mike and their daughter to start living their Napa dream right away. “Pacaso was the perfect alternative to buying a whole property that would be empty most of the time, or waiting years to own a place in Napa. We saw this as our chance to start enjoying Napa now and over the next eight years — which would also help us determine if we actually want to retire in Napa. It would be pretty expensive to buy a whole home and then change our minds.”

Running the numbers

For Marcie’s family, owning one-eighth of a home gave them the right amount of time for a price that was similar to what they would pay for vacations in the area. “Giving owners the ability to align the amount of ownership with the amount of time they can actually use is awesome, and if you look at comparable monthly rentals and hotels in wine country, the math works out.”  Marcie said Pacaso’s pricing transparency went a long way toward giving her confidence to move forward. “The Pacaso team lays out the costs really clearly, which added to our comfort level with this new program.” 

Embracing ownership

Pacaso families make a substantial investment in their second homes and the local communities, which is not at all like the experience of staying at a rental or hotel. “Pacaso is so different from a short-term rental of somebody else's house,” said Marcie. “It’s ownership, with significant capital outlay, so there’s just a different mindset and duty of care. We’re looking forward to being part of the neighborhood and community. We plan to own for years, and as owners, we want to take care of the home.” 

Creating memories

After the pandemic year, Marcie is delighted to have a place to gather with loved ones. “Building memories with friends and family is the most life-enriching aspect of owning a Pacaso. We’ve invited my sister and my in-laws to stay with us — it was our first time seeing them in two years. We’re able to enjoy many celebratory occasions.”And those memories are that much sweeter at a Pacaso because owners don’t have to worry about maintenance or upkeep, said Marcie. “The home is turnkey. It’s clean when we get there, and we don’t have to clean it before we leave! That really adds to the enjoyment.”For Marcie and Mike, owning a second home means making the most of their time with their daughter, and making up for all those lost moments of the past year. “We've spent so much time cocooned during the pandemic. Now that friends and family are vaccinated, it is a gift to be able to spend time together in person and share the beauty of Napa and our Pacaso home with them.”

Make Napa Valley your second home destination

Pacaso puts second home ownership within reach for families who want to spend quality time together in dream destinations like Napa Valley, without the full price tag. And our Family-Friendly Second Homes™ make it easy to just show up and relax — from cribs and high chairs to games, pool floaties, streaming services and more, we have you (and your kids) covered. Explore our listings today. 

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