A couple’s second home is their new place for making traditions

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Couple in Tahoe home
Ron always dreamed of having a second home. Wonderful childhood memories with his family in a Mount Shasta cabin reminded him of the impact a second home could have on his life. However, there was one hurdle: “Owning a second home is quite expensive,” said Ron, “and with all the maintenance, I had it on the back burner.”After years of casually browsing homes online, Ron came across a Pacaso ad. “It was one of those proverbial 'Aha!' moments where I thought this was the perfect business model for Vince and me.” After touring a few homes and learning what makes Pacaso different from a timeshare, Ron and Vince decided to “go for it.”

A second home they could fully enjoy

In addition to having an accessible place where they enjoy a change of scenery, Ron and Vince prioritized cost and convenience with their second home. A Pacaso in Lake Tahoe was exactly what they were looking for. “The benefits for us are the low maintenance and the simplicity of getting into a property where we’re paying a fraction of the cost and getting so much more,” said Ron. “We show up with our toothbrush, and that's about it.”Having a home manager eased many of their maintenance concerns. “It's not like you just buy the home, and then you're left on your own,” the couple said. “All those headaches that go into owning your place … that's taken away by Pacaso.”

Feeling the pride of ownership

When Ron and Vince first stayed in their Pacaso, they were impressed by the home’s design and amenities. “I had seen pictures of the home before. But when I walked in, I saw the real scale of the place,” Vince shared. “It's a beautiful home with very well-built details. The designer did a great job of making it feel like a mountain house, but not in a kitschy kind of way. It's very warm and comfortable.” The home’s appliances and layout made the home feel familiar. “It made our first week really easy, and it goes by fast,” Vince said, with Ron chiming in, “too fast.” In addition to owning a beautifully designed home, the couple feels the pride of co-owning a home with others. “It's not like being a vacation renter — we're all owners,” said Ron. “Everybody has done a great job at keeping the place in great shape.”
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A gathering place for family traditions

Perhaps the couple’s biggest source of pride is having a special meeting place for their families. “My family has this tradition of getting together once a year. Together, we call ourselves the ‘Great Eight,’ ” Ron said. “It was exciting this year because we were able to share our new place with them, and going forward, it will be where the ‘Great Eight’ comes each year. And I can't wait to get Vince’s family up here too.” With celebrations, dinners and activities in Tahoe planned, the couple can’t wait to have even more moments together. Thinking about what a second home means to them, Ron said, “I've been dreaming of this since I was a little kid, so it's a dream come true for me. It’s still surreal. Life is short, and there's no better time than the present to have that place where we can retreat, gather and bond with family.”

Find your second home in Tahoe

When you become a co-owner of a Pacaso home, you simply arrive, unpack and relax. Check out our co-ownership listings in Lake Tahoe and other desirable locations, and start making unforgettable memories in your dream second home.

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