Close with confidence

Streamlined closing

You’ve found your perfect second home, so let’s walk through what happens over the next couple of weeks. Just a few more steps before you step through the door of your Pacaso!

Back patio of the poolhouse with seating, pool, and firepit

The path to closing

  • number 1

    Reserve your share

    Pacaso schedules a call to kick off your closing. You’ll sign the residential purchase agreement and addendum. You’ll receive instructions on how to wire your deposit, which is 10% of the share price.

  • Number 2

    Review and sign documents

    You’ll receive two packets of documents to review and sign. The first includes the house policy, program manager agreement, inspection report and seller disclosures. The second has the operating agreement and ACH form for monthly operating expenses.

  • Number 3

    Secure financing

    If you are financing a portion of your purchase, you must provide Pacaso with your most recent pay stub, bank statement and tax return. In addition, you will need to supply a credit report authorization.

  • Number 4

    Prepare for closing

    Pacaso schedules a check-in call 5 days before closing. We’ll review your closing statement and wire instructions for sending the remaining funds. We’ll confirm all documents are signed and verify your first stay date.

  • Number 5


    Congratulations, you are now a Pacaso owner! It’s time to crack open the champagne and share the good news about your second home with your family and friends. Now, just one more step.

  • Number 6


    Following closing, schedule an onboarding session with your home manager. Download the Pacaso app so you can start booking your stays, and get ready to enjoy your new second home!

What to expect as an owner

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Our support doesn't end at closing. Pacaso takes care of your home, so you can just show up and relax. Our ongoing services include property management, bill payment, maintenance and more. Owners are responsible for the home's monthly operating expenses, such as utilities and cleaning. Pacaso passes these costs through to owners, with no markup, based on the number of shares owned. We charge a $99 monthly fee for our management services.

Closing FAQs

  • Are closing costs included in the price?

  • Does the Pacaso program management fee go up each year?

  • Can Pacaso make changes to the owner operating agreement?

  • Can Pacaso raise monthly operating expenses?

  • Where do the reserve funds go and how are funds used?

  • What if another owner defaults? How does Pacaso protect me as an owner?